God's Love, Love

To the Eager, the Scared, and the Apathetic (Part 1 of 3)

At the mention of love, I have come to observe the response of three. This is a note for each one.


The neglect of something does not nullify its existence.

You probably have come to dread the beginning of February and are mostly thankful that it is the shortest month of the year and you can’t wait for the appearance of hearts and flowers and cheesy posts to significantly decrease by the first week of March.

There are a myriad of reasons to say that the world’s celebration of love for an entire month year after year is pointless, that it is a waste of time, that it is but a huge marketing ploy: There is so much hate around. Countries are at war. Friendships fail. Relationships don’t work out.

But if we come to think of it, the inverse of what makes us lose our faith in love spells the difference. There is so much hate around, countries are at war, friendships fail, relationships don’t work out because people fail to love.

To genuinely, sacrificially, selflessly love – that is our weakness. And then, Love came. Jesus came to demonstrate in flesh how His power is strongest where we are weakest.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 5:8, NIV

Someone treasured you at your messiest, fixed His gaze on you with utmost affection at your darkest, died for you despite of, in spite of.

The neglect of something does not nullify its existence.

Your neglect of Christ’s love does not nullify His love for you.

Believe that you are genuinely, sacrificially, and selflessly loved and you will begin to believe in love again.



God's Love, Love

To love, or not to love?

Let me tell you what I know about love.


I knew it was supposed to be the prerequisite for relationships, but growing up in a single-parent home, I thought love was scary. And painful.

Looking at relationships around me growing up and seeing how some work and some don’t, I thought it was a risky, risky endeavour to take on.

I knew love supposedly fuels friendships, but being one who has been openly disliked in school, I thought investing less saves one from unnecessary disappointments.

And so, it has always been a question of whether to love or not. And more often than not, I’d choose the latter.

Everything I knew about love was reduced to NOTHING when Love found me.

It was then that I understood that no one person cannot NOT love. One cannot love enough when one chooses to love the self more. That was the reason why I always chose not to love. I feared for myself. I loved myself more.

We cannot love enough because we love ourselves more.

But He loves us way more than we love ourselves. And He loved more than He loved Himself, He died the death we should have died.

Today, His love is EVERYTHING that I know about love.

Love is scary, but His perfect love casts out every fear. Love is painful, but His love heals broken hearts and binds up wounds. Love is risky, but if loving is what it takes for us to have a glimpse of the magnitude of His love for us, then it’s always a risk worth taking.

Loving is hard when you love from nothing. Loving becomes doable when you know you’ve been given everything. Jesus gave His everything. He loved this much. And if one is loved this much, it is no longer a question of whether we should love or not. We love because He first loved us.

A friend posted this song on Facebook and I find it to be the most appropriate ending to this entry. This is how much He loves. This is how much we are loved. This is what we remind ourselves when fear overtakes our resolve to love. This is why we can love, love some more, and love again and again.





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Congratulations, Jaydee and Nikki

I’ve been writing so much about these people just because they’re really great friends. Have an awesome life ahead, guys! Excited for you and the entire lifetime you are about to share. And I’ll never get tired of saying I’m truly blessed to be part of/a witness to one of the greatest loves stories the Master Author has so beautifully written.

Clicking on this link will direct you to the SDE of the wedding that happened yesterday. Kudos to Fonts and Graphs for a job well done!Page 1-Horizontal