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What if you don’t get what you pray for?

“Something happened the other day and it got me thinking: What if what I’m believing God for does not actually happen?”

A friend asked me this question a few weeks ago and I must confess, I had to long for an answer to this same query quite a few times myself. I write this here today so I won’t forget what God, in His loving kindness and grace, told me the day I found myself asking that question yet again.

In a still small voice, He gently whispered: “If you find yourself in the future and you don’t have what you prayed for, would you still be able to say that I am good?”

I knew that my answer to this question would reveal the condition of my heart. Do I pray to get my breakthrough or do I pray, certain with all my heart, that His will IS my breakthrough?

In her preaching at one of our youth services last weekend, my friend talked about how her Mom got sick with rheumatic heart disease when she was 14. They prayed for healing – fervently, incessantly. Her mother passed away.

Fast forward to today, while she still feels the void left by the passing of her mother, she is seeing how perfectly God has ordered and drawn the blueprint of her life. She recognized God’s goodness in the trial, His grace in the difficult, His faithfulness in what didn’t make sense.

What are you believing God for? Do you believe in Him because He can give you what you’re praying for? Or do you believe in Him simply because you know that He loves you and that He would give you nothing less than the best?

Today I pray that we would all have the confidence that King David had when he wrote the 27th Psalm:


We serve a good God and He will never do us wrong. A “YES” is the goodness of God. A “NO” is His goodness you have yet to recognize and make sense of in the days to come. Be strong! Take heart! You are waiting on a good God and He only has the best for you. 


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