Purely Personal Pieces

How valuable are you?

“Whatever gets sacrificed is of lesser value.”

This line struck me hard when I heard it at an equipping meeting a few weeks ago. We were talking about managing priorities then.

The battle in my head began when the enemy was quick enough to remind me of my issue of rejection. In a split-second, a montage of moments when I felt like I was sacrificed and let go of to make room for other things flashed in my head. I got teary-eyed. Yes, in the middle of the event.

You are of lesser value,” a voice in my head whispered over and over again.

That hurt. A LOT.

My Savior won the battle when He spoke in a voice so loud, it drowned every pain that the enemy has caused.

“Whatever gets sacrificed is of lesser value. I counted my life of lesser value. I willingly sacrificed it in order to save you.”

I love how the gospel that saved me years back still saves me again and again and again.

Jesus’ death on the cross is enough to silence every lie that the enemy would whisper to you. Should you ever come to doubt your value, know that you are loved and that He loved you enough, He gave His life for you.




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