Purely Personal Pieces

Are you getting the signs right? (Part 2)

**What was supposed to be one entry turned out to be too long, thus this. Click here to read Part 1!


While we can ask God for specific signs, know that He provides us with the circumstances we need even when we don’t ask. 

  • Godly counsel: We need people to tell us if we’re acting in wisdom or in folly. How our leaders and godly friends view our situation are signs too. If you are alone in thinking you are heading the right direction, it is time to stop, heed the warning, and go the other way. 
  • Seasons: While talking about this blog post, a friend asked, “What if you got all the signs but the timing isn’t right?” That should be obvious. Your season is a sign too. And your actions should match your season.
  • Yes, No, and Wait: More often than not, we are only keen towards affirmatives and so we are quick to note a “Yes” and quick to dismiss a “No” or a “Wait.” A “No” and a “Wait” are signs too – painful, but they are signs that point you towards the direction that God wants you to take. 


I have made one too many decisions in my life. While I was going through the aftermath of a calculated and much-prayed-about decision that didn’t end so well, in the midst of my asking if I got everything wrong, one of my leaders told me something I now hold in my heart so dearly: “God allowed you to make that decision just as He has allowed it to turn out this way. There are things you need to learn and there is no other way for you to learn those than through this.” 

The Lord is sovereign and there is beauty to every mess that is within the boundaries of His will. 

The fear of making wrong decisions can neither be overcome by asking for signs nor by the careful calculation of probabilities. We fear because we think it’s all up to us. We ask for signs and calculate risks because we dread the discomfort of being wrong. We dread the discomfort because we think it’s all about us.

But it’s not up to us. It’s all up to Him. It’s not about us. It’s about what He’s doing in and through us. He calls the shots. We follow His call. This should be clear to us before we weigh pros and cons and/or ask for signs.

Only when we surrender to the sovereignty of His will and His ways can we genuinely celebrate His grace in every valley and His faithfulness in every mountain top.



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