Are you getting the signs right? (Part 1)

** Special thanks to those who willingly spared me their time and thoughts. If I needed signs to confirm whether or not I should write this, their approval and contribution would suffice.

While thinking about how to write this post, I wondered why people ask for signs in the first place. I thought perhaps it is because we are too afraid to make decisions. To be precise, we are afraid to make wrong decisions because no one wants to be wrong and the aftermath of a wrong decision is painful to bear.

Others, on the other hand, would have an aversion to the thought of asking for signs because decision-making should only be a product of a comprehensive study of pros and cons.

I write this for friends (and people I have yet to meet) who either believe that all major life decisions should be made based on signs (yes, love life included because its Valentines week!) or those who believe that signs are purely mystical and utterly irrational.

At different points in my life, I have become one and then the other. This is an account of what I have come to know so far.


The Scripture contains quite a number of accounts where God provided signs (providential circumstances) as confirmation. In fact, the idea of writing about this subject was birthed when I was studying the story of Isaac and Rebekah (Genesis 24) where the servant that Abraham sent to look for a wife for his son asked God for a sign.


While signs are biblical, we must be careful to know the difference between making sure our decisions are aligned with God’s will versus asking God to agree to ours.

In Genesis 24:12-14, Abraham’s servant asked God for a sign in order to carry out a command. There was a clear revelation of what he needed to do prior to him asking for a providential circumstance. Revelation precedes confirmation.

I love how one of my friends, when asked to share their love story, would always start by saying, “I had a revelation about marriage months before I actually began to like her. It was like God was explaining to me what marriage is for and how it should look like before He brought her to me. He first made sure it was clear to me that marriage is part of my calling. Her “yes” and our wedding day were only confirmations to that calling.”


When the revelation is clear and circumstances confirm it, our faith will be strengthened and the people around us will see God’s glory when it finally comes to pass. We will be strengthened in our faith because as we fix our gaze on the full picture of what once were puzzle pieces that do not seem to fit. Others would see God’s glory as they bear witness to how the hand of God has beautifully written the story.

I surveyed the Bible for stories where signs were given by God to men. And while I do not have the luxury of time to do so extensively, I noted one truth that was common to all. A sign is not a confirmation for a plan or an emotion. Signs confirm God’s command, instruction, and revelation. At the end of the day, signs are not meant to leave us satisfied, but Him glorified.

– – –

Because we are predisposed to following our will, there are obvious signs we tend to ignore. That and a little bit more on my next blog entry!

2 thoughts on “Are you getting the signs right? (Part 1)”


    While signs are biblical, we must be careful to know the difference between making sure our decisions are aligned with God’s will versus asking God to agree to ours.”

    This is just brilliant! Looking forward to part 2!

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