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30 Days of Gratitude: Because Day 30 Went Beyond One Day


Yes, the 30th post is supposed to be in celebration of my birthday.

I’ve been asked more than once if I ever got to complete this series. I’d say I did. But the 30th entry had to contain posts from beyond the 30th day and too many things happened in between, I knew writing would have to wait until the Christmas break.

So, pardon this rather lengthy post. I have saved the longest for last.

December 7

I am grateful for the very first birthday call I got and for the friend who didn’t hesitate to call in the middle of the night. Thank you, Whency. I appreciate you a whole lot!

Yes, I had to take a screenshot!


I am grateful for my officemates who insisted that we eat out for lunch in celebration of my birthday because I really didn’t plan anything this year.

Birthday lunch was at S&R

I am grateful that we got to do a video call with the Monterdes! What a treat to be greeted by these two!

And just when I’ve almost decided to go straight home after office hours, I got a text message from Dust telling me he and Carla would like to treat me and another friend for our birthdays. What a sweet, sweet couple!

The night out began at the Cheenee and Cookie Salon where I got treated to a mani-pedi. Special thanks to Ate Joanne for the complimentary back massage via their very techy machine!

L-R: Dust, Carla, and Me
Dust has always been one of the most positive in our now not so little barkada (Friends Like Family [FLF]) and so he easily became one of my closest guy friends. And so, I was one of the happiest when he and Carla got together this year!
L-R: Cheenee (one of the owners of the salon who is also an active volunteer and leader in our campus ministry in Victory Makati), Dust, Me, Carla, and Jia.
We had dinner at Tonchaya Japanese Kitchen & Bar at the Fort Strip and yes, still courtesy of the couple. Aside from my birthday, we also celebrated Jia’s birthday in advance.
And as if that wasn’t enough, they also brought us to the best ice cream place I’ve tried (so far). My stomach was full for sure but my heart – my heart was filled to overflowing.

I am grateful for the (as you can see, quite lengthy) conversation I had with Lynn. While I am thankful that I have colleagues I can call friends, I am even more grateful that they are also accountability and prayer partners. I am grateful to Lynn for always being there to listen through the highs and lows. Thank you, Lynn!

I am also grateful to everyone who greeted me on Social Media. I appreciate each one who took the time to shoot me a message or post on my timeline even though my birth date is not public on any of my channels.

December 9

The Every Nation Campus Fort Campus Missionaries organized a little hangout after the Volunteer Appreciation Night on Wednesday. This is to celebrate the birthdays of those born on December.

L-R: Me, Jastine, Ella
The Every Nation Campus Fort team sans those who are out of the country and those who couldn’t make it due to prior commitments.

December 10

I am grateful for Ate Mye, Samuel, and Elle for making time to take me out for dinner and to Venoit for coming along too!

And I am grateful for the post-dinner conversation I had with Ven over really good ice cream!

December 14

Because there were so many events on the week of my birthday, I wasn’t able to stay in the office that much. What I didn’t know was that my friend Ana actually planned a surprise for me together with the ladies in the office. The surprise finally pushed through a week after my birthday – complete with a dance number by Pam!


So, there was pizza and chicken and drinks!
And cupcakes with candles too!
Thankful to these ladies for actually going out of their way to pull off the surprise!

December 17

I am grateful I finally get to go home.

Pardon the airport selfie. I tried to avoid the rush hour so I arrived at the airport rather early and then my flight got delayed for more than hour so I snapped this and sent it to some of my Viber groups, much to the annoyance of my friends. 😀 😀 😀

It has been a full year and a very challenging one at that. Then again, it has been a year full of God’s goodness and grace. Thank you, Jesus, for all the storms You’ve calmed, the battles You’ve won, the wounds You’ve healed and those You are still healing, and for every blessing – those I celebrated and even those I failed to recognize. Thank You for the year that was, and thank You for the years to come!

– – –

About 30 Days of Gratitude

I decided to breathe life into this blog some more by counting down to a special day exactly a month from now while counting the things I am thankful for in a day. I realized I’ve always found it hard to blog because I’ve been writing mostly musings and reflections, my tendency to debate and negate my own thoughts would usually make me decide against publishing posts (don’t ask how many drafts I have now). I figured day-in-a-life type of posts would probably help me get back to the discipline of writing even if a post would contain more pictures than words.



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