I will forever be grateful for friends and family I can celebrate life with. This weekend was that of multiple celebrations. 

Fiona’s 7th birthday:

Joppet’s early birthday celeb:

And my super early birthday celeb:


Grateful for these people who came to celebrate with us!

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About 30 Days of Gratitude

I decided to breathe life into this blog some more by counting down to a special day exactly a month from now while counting the things I am thankful for in a day. I realized I’ve always found it hard to blog because I’ve been writing mostly musings and reflections, my tendency to debate and negate my own thoughts would usually make me decide against publishing posts (don’t ask how many drafts I have now). I figured day-in-a-life type of posts would probably help me get back to the discipline of writing even if a post would contain more pictures than words.