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30 Days of Gratitude: Day 8 (Sunsets and a Home Away From Home)

The setting sun was extra beautiful today.

And most of BGC has now been decorated for Christmas.

Today, I am grateful to have a home away from home with the Mandigmas.

I am even humbled that they’ve asked me to be godmother to this precious boy.

Because I do not have my own place to decorate (yet), I am grateful I get to enjoy their Christmas decors too!


And I am grateful that I got to spend time with Ate Joice and talk about life and ministry and what God is doing in our hearts. We had so much to talk about we spent a few hours in the bedroom and then quite a few more minutes in the dining area because we got hungry. 😂😂😂

Most of all, I am grateful for this buoquet. I remember thinking about flowers the other day. God sure acts fast!

– – –

About 30 Days of Gratitude

I decided to breathe life into this blog some more by counting down to a special day exactly a month from now while counting the things I am thankful for in a day. I realized I’ve always found it hard to blog because I’ve been writing mostly musings and reflections, my tendency to debate and negate my own thoughts would usually make me decide against publishing posts (don’t ask how many drafts I have now). I figured day-in-a-life type of posts would probably help me get back to the discipline of writing even if a post would contain more pictures than words.


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