30 Days of Gratitude: Day 5 (From the Fort to Los Baños and Back)

I am grateful that everyday offers us a chance to learn, relearn, and unlearn. Today was mostly a time of learning and relearning.

I just got back from Los Baños about an hour ago and I am grateful that our boss allowed me and a few other people from the office to tag along with him. I loved how the drive to LB and back was also a teaching-coaching-mentoring moment for all five of us.

L-R (Foreground) Christian, Joe (Background) Fiona, Liane, Che, Me

Victory LB is currently celebrating their 26th anniversary and Joe was invited to preach yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We super appreciated the hospitality of the LB team and loved everything about this table set up at the lounge.

Worshiping with these guys tonight kind of made me feel nostalgic as I could not help but reminisce the days when I was still serving in our church in Davao. Beyond the nostalgia though, I felt God’s thick presence all throughout.

More than preaching about how the Holy Spirit enables us to live extraordinary lives, I loved how Joe addressed the crowd composed mostly of students from UP Los Baños and assured them that they can still thrive in their walk with God even when they graduate and leave and when the church is no longer near them to support them because of the Holy Spirit working in them.

My heart was also blessed seeing these students listening intently to the preaching with a Bible and a notebook in hand. I honestly barely see students taking notes during preaching these days.

Watching these ladies pray for each other after the service was also heartwarming.

Before heading back to Manila, we had dinner with Ptr. Jon and Ms. Tricia and the campus missionaries of EN Campus Los Baños.

While that happened later in the day, today’s learning marathon actually started over breakfast with Krish. While most of her words of wisdom were directed to someone else, there was still so much to take note of – for when those would be applicable to me again. 😊

Also, we just resumed our meeting for Discipleship 2016 today. I have found it interesting to listen to each of the team members’ thoughts and observe thought processes especially those that I’m working with for the first time. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve beyond campus ministry as I also get to work with more people I can learn from!

I think it would take me more than this post to process every mental note I’ve made today and I am grateful that God knows exactly when to teach what to us. This reminds me of our assurance that our potential to learn is as infinite as God’s ability to grant wisdom, knowledge, and understanding (Proverbs 2:6)

I’m supposed to end here but I cannot NOT post these because they pretty much made my day too:

Fiona serenading people who pop in to the EN Campus office with her ukelele. This time around, the “very fortunate” audience is Ms. Jing!

Karess posting this encouraging post. Of course I said yes when she asked if she’d be part of today’s post!

And of course, JESSE!!! ☺️😍🤗👼🏻

– – –

About 30 Days of Gratitude
I decided to breathe life into this blog some more by counting down to a special day exactly a month from now while counting the things I am thankful for in a day. I realized I’ve always found it hard to blog because I’ve been writing mostly musings and reflections, my tendency to debate and negate my own thoughts would usually make me decide against publishing posts (don’t ask how many drafts I have now). I figured day-in-a-life type of posts would probably help me get back to the discipline of writing even if a post would contain more pictures than words.


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