Purely Personal Pieces

Spot the Difference

The recent turn of events reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend a month ago. She asked, “Why does it feel like what I’ve experienced in the past is happening again? Shouldn’t it be different now that I am a Christian?”

I told her IT IS different; that she is a different person now that she has Christ and so she can choose to respond differently.

Oftentimes, we would wonder why God, in all His sovereignty, wouldn’t change a circumstance so it would be easier for us. But “easy” doesn’t change people.

Sanctification isn’t easy. But if the prize is being stripped off of our selfishness and pride and ungratefulness and everything else that is of the sinful nature day after day after day; if it means becoming more like Jesus – to be more selfless and humble and grateful to the One who has loved so much, He died the death we should have died, then we should gladly give up “easy”.

Maybe God would, at some point, change a familiar story’s end. But if it does end the same, embrace that story in its entirety. Because it may not have been different, but it will definitely make a difference in you.


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