I woke up today thinking how overwhelmingly fleeting and fleetingly overwhelming the past days have been. 57679ee427dc4f59b2a5b2aac8e77944

There are always two ways to go about a day: you can either dive straight into your activities and strive hard enough to get everything done or take heed of this familiar proverb on the right. I don’t know about you but my being human would always cause me to lean towards the former even though time and time again, the latter is what would work.

I panicked when my brain, being the involuntary muscle that it is, pulled up an image of this month’s calendar to make me realize that we’re already halfway through the month and that today isn’t enough to get half of the things on the to-do list done. My day’s got me again!

Writing this post is not on the to-do list. But I’m writing this one anyway because today, when my brain responded in panic, my heart felt a gentle tug followed by an important daily reminder from Him who’s got my every single day in His hands. He said, “Hey, I’ve got your day!”

Today, I pray we’d all take time to pause each day and commit everything to Him. May our days never get the best out of us, but only open our eyes to see the beauty of what walking with Him each day looks like.

He’s got my day! Who’s got yours?