My Discipleship Notes

In Victory, we believe in multi-anchored discipleship. Fact is, there are areas in the life of a Christ-follower that only those who have the experience can speak to.

A product of multi-anchored discipleship, what I have become today is easily each seed, that a good number of faithful women have sown in my life, coming to fruition.

And I am more than grateful.

I am grateful that there are/were women who so selflessly invest/ed their time and effort and money and patience (I bet they need/ed a lot of that) to help me in my walk with God. I am grateful that they see/saw what an uptight and insecure girl couldn’t see and they never stopped until that came to be.

(Pardon the confusion in tenses. Discipleship, after all, is not time-bound.)

Today, I shall give honor to whom honor is due.

Here’s a list of the women I’m blessed to have shared lives with and my notes from what they’ve imparted to me.

(Okay, the list would be rather long so I’m splitting this post into three. Here’s Part 1.)

1. Beth Romero – Segampong: Prayer

Ate Beth and her husband (who was my very first guitar and worship leading mentor) Kuya Tata
Ate Beth and her husband (who was my very first guitar and worship leading mentor) Kuya Tata

The first woman who discipled me was a full-time campus missionary of Agape Campus Ministries. While I remember her to be the woman who would faithfully go to the campuses to share the gospel and make disciples, I also found her passion for prayer so remarkable. We would have monthly overnight prayer meetings then, the prayer points written in Manila paper, and all of us students from different campuses would gather at the ministry staff house to birth things of the spiritual into the natural. The meetings would turn out to be extra fun when someone would start snoring in the middle of someone’s prayer! 😀


2. Cheryl Tuballa – Oczon: Persistence in discipleship

I veered away from the faith for a while because of what happened at home (which I wrote about on my previous blog) and then I met Ate Che during one of the Youth Services I got invited to where she shared God as a father to me. I surrendered my heart to Jesus again that night but it took a while for that decision to translate to my ways. I clearly remember (and I’m sure she does to) the many times she would schedule a small group session and I’d pass and made any excuse I could think of. We would laugh about that moment when she finally came to my boarding house for Bible study and I didn’t go out at all.

Ate Che and her husband Kuya Alvin (Momee and Dadee as I would call them now) has become our family in Davao to this very day. While our relationship has evolved from discipler-disciple to sisters and best of friends, I would forever be thankful for how she modeled persistent discipleship to me.

My Mom, Kuya Alvin, and Ate Che – with little Fiona, of course – do Skype calls on Monday nights to study the Word and pray for one another. This photo was taken when it was time for the Skype call and I had to excuse myself from another meeting. My friends clearly did not mind joining in the weekly family photo. 🙂

3. Jade Bautista – Love for the Word

Being discipled by Ate Jade inspired me to dig deeper into the scriptures. If there’s one thing I’d love about our group meetings, it is that she would always be so prepared to tackle a practical topic head-on and apply the Word of God to it. And did I say she always comes prepared to our meetings? She ALWAYS COMES PREPARED. And she always brought snacks too! See, she always came prepared (major redundancy alert)! 😀

I think of Ate Jade and I see a woman who lives and breathes and moves by God’s Word and as I looked at her life, I aspired to be that too.

Ate Jade and the family
L-R Ate Jade, Mama, me, little Fiona, Ate Che, and Kuya Alvin (Christmas 2011)

That’s about it for today. Watch out for tomorrow’s post!

– – –

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