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The Waiting

What’s the longest line you’ve had to queue up for? Mine had to last for about an hour and thirty minutes.

There are three common responses people (myself included) have when they’ve waited long enough only to be told they have to wait some more:

1. Grumbling and complaining

Took me some memento of a small portion of the long queue.

These responses are so common, we do it even before we realize that’s what we’re doing. We’ve always wanted things to work in our favor, according to our timeline. About thirty minutes into the queue, I heared someone say, “What a rip off! This is crazy!” and still another let out a deep, deep sigh. I’ve decided to call the former a loud grumbler and the latter a quiet complainer. Which one do you think are you? I’m more of the latter and so Philippians 2:14 is always a good reminder:

“Do everything without grumbling or arguing… (NIV)” 

2. Fidgeting (and looking weird while doing so)

I think the best way to look and stay sane while on a rather long queue is to either have something else to do (some would refer to it as proactive waiting, or in this case, queueing) or have someone with you. I was blessed with a very patient companion at that time but had I been alone, I knew my most convenient fallback would be the books on my Kindle. On the other hand, I’ve noticed that quite a few people around me then were toying with the ropes that separated the lines, some were going on and off the railings, which, from a bystander’s point of view, is quite an absurd sight to behold.

Two things I learned here: (a) It pays to surround yourself with people who can help you get to the end of the line while you battle to keep your sanity; and (b) keep a list of activities to make your waiting more productive (be proactive!).

Note on proactive waiting: Take pictures (read: document your memories); and take note of whatever you’ve learned (who knows, you get to tell the tale to people who need encouragement along the way?). 

3. Giving up

A good number would raise the white flag when faced with the waiting game.

About 45 minutes into the queue, we noticed that people began to make their way to the exit. Maybe they thought the wait isn’t worth it. Maybe they have some other place to go to. Maybe they just got tired and, having no idea how far they were from the end of the line, they just decided to give in to the idea of a comfortable seat and an iced-cold soda which they cannot get if they stayed. I wouldn’t know their reasons. I’m sure they deemed it the wisest at the time. I just wish they’d waited some more to find out what I did a few minutes after: they’re actually a few more meters away from the end of the line!

You’re probably wondering by now what took me more than hour to queue up for. Nothing fancy really. Just the Transformers ride at the Universal Studios in Singapore! And if you’ve tried that ride, you know the experience is totally worth the wait! 😉

This ride – unforgettable is a total understatement!

Someone waited long enough, she wrote this song:

Is God telling you to wait? Do it delightfully, unwaveringly, faithfully.

At the end of the wait is a changed you. Give up and you’ll stay who you are. Go on and you’ll never be the same.

Click on image for the link

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