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Today, I shall brag about my Mom…

If I were to take pride in something, I can only take pride in one – that God has entrusted me to an amazing, amazing mother. Honoring her merely through a string of words that form comprehensible sentences to create one full post is quite a risk as I may fail to give a full account of how great a woman she is. I, however, find peace knowing that she has seen me fail so many times (as a matter of fact, she has seen my greatest failures) and yet has always chosen to give more love each and every time.

Today, I write about my mother’s love and life of faith.

– – –

She is clothed with dignity and strength.  I was raised in a single-parent home and I have always admired my Mom for her strength and resilience. She worked while she was pregnant with me, went into labor alone with just her ob-gyne providing moral support, continued working to provide for me while I was growing up, sent me to school and was always the most supportive parent (read: she was always in parent-teacher meetings and frequents the roster of officers and never missed a school event that I have a part in), worked extra hard when I started college, and although she struggled about the thought of me going into full-time campus ministry for a little while, has always been supportive of my calling.

These pictures are proof of how my mom celebrated motherhood despite difficult circumstances then. That photo of her holding me was taken during my christening. :)
These pictures are proof of how my mom celebrated motherhood despite difficult circumstances then. That photo of her holding me was taken during my christening. 🙂

She gave love so generously every single day. My Mom’s mothering has easily extended to both my girl and guy friends. In fact, they know she’s one they can always go to whether for motherly wisdom or sumptuous home-cooked meals. I remember I had a friend from church who ran away from home and came to stay at our place about two years ago. My Mom took her in, let her cry for a little while, and then talked her into telling her parents where she is. She eventually called her Mom up to ask if she can stay overnight at our place. We still laugh about how that turned to be a sleepover of sorts until today.

Here you see how my Mom is part of the "barkada." And she's just so game about it! Cool, huh? :)
I’ve often wondered why I never got my Mom’s relational skills. Here you see how she’s become part of the “barkada.” And she’s just so game about it! Cool, huh? 🙂
With my Victory Group mates
My Mom has built such a strong relationship with my Victory Group mates back in Davao, she gets invited to get togethers like this even after I left for Manila!

She has unwavering faith. My Mom was raised a catholic and I was born a catholic. But even then, she had read the Bible (thus, my name) and while we remained catholics until she became a Christian when I was about 5 years old, I can still vividly remember how she had me memorize the prayer before meals and how she would always remind me to pray before I sleep. Her faith grew more when she finally received Jesus.

When we started attending Victory, she got plugged in to a Victory Group, went through the discipleship process, and later on started doing One2One and leading a Victory Group with single mothers and young professionals.

Once upon a time when my Mom's Victory Group decided they'd have a photoshoot complete with matching dresses and make-up!
Once upon a time when my Mom’s Victory Group decided they’d have a photoshoot complete with matching dresses and make-up!
At our Training for Victory Graduation
At our Training for Victory Graduation

With everything that she has gone through as a woman and as a mother, she has always been so convinced that it is only by the grace of God that she was able to overcome the worst of circumstances.

A few days before I left Davao to come work in Manila, a friend asked my Mom what I think is one of the hardest question she had to answer. “Tita, what made you say yes to Em leaving?” Her reply spoke volumes of her faith and submission to the God who has proven Himself faithful to her each time. Holding back her tears she said, “Well, to say ‘No’ would be to disobey God.”

– – –

I look at my Mom’s life and how she has so willingly embraced motherhood despite seemingly unfavorable circumstances, persevered through trials, stood strong through hardships, loved and lost but always found the courage to love again and love some more, and kept her faith in Jesus, I’d say I’m more than blessed to be her daughter. Having witnessed how she has climbed mountains, fought giants, conquered new lands, and is still fighting the good fight of faith is more than enough inspiration for if and when God entrusts me with the call and the responsibility to be a wife and a mother someday.

For now, I speak as a daughter who is more than grateful for her life.

To the woman whose heart and ways reflect the heart of God in ways more than one, Happy, Happy birthday! I love you so much and I’ll see you in a few hours! 🙂

Me and Ma



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