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The Gift You Receive is the Gift You Give

I’ve been doing a whole lot of collaborative work the past few weeks and I’ve enjoyed the fact that we (I and 70 other people from all across the country) are actually getting the job done with the help of technology. Thank God for email and Facebook groups!

There are, of course, some hiccups brought about by when Internet Service Providers (ISPs) act up and decide to run on turtle speed, when a number of factors affect the interpretation of a message sent that results to cases of miscommunication (which I’m glad we can easily charge to experience because I’m working with the most gracious people), and when messages conveyed simply don’t get to those who are supposed to receive it (like when info gets buried amongst all the other information there is).

You just have to take a screenshot of one of your most favorite Facebook groups!
You just have to take a screenshot of one of your most favorite Facebook groups!

Today was extra challenging and so I can’t let the night pass without writing about how thankful I am for the people I’ve been working with. I think about today and I am reminded of 1 Peter 4:10:

“God has given each of you a gift from His variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.” (NLT)

This led me to pray that God would constantly remind us of three things as we continue to do the work that He has called us to do.

1. All we are is but a gift from Him. 

Our ability to think, speak, work, and live the way we do is all of Him. Absolutely nothing is of us. Enough said.

2. Our skill set is calling-specific.

I can’t help but notice that the Scripture mentions of “His variety of spiritual gifts” and that He “has given EACH of [us]” whatever it is that we have right now. Today, I pray for two sets of people. If you are not yet quite sure of what it is that He has gifted you with and what He has called you to do, I pray that you will receive such revelation from Him before the month -end. If you are one who’s certain about your gift, your strength, and your specific calling, may you never lose the drive to work excellently and passionately in situations where you are required to work on tasks that don’t necessarily fit into your skill set. Because while our skill set is calling-specific, we are to ultimately bring Him glory in every way we can – even if that meant doing something that’s beyond us.

3. Who we are is God’s gift to others.

I think about the Campus Missionaries who serve as coordinators in their local centers and those who, despite their schedules, would gladly exhaust all means to meet deadlines without making excuses. I think about every staff who would gladly give beyond what is asked of him/her, who would make sure that he/she is not just getting the job done but that the job is done excellently. I think about every staff who would say, “Let me know if you need help with anything.” I think about each staff whose output speaks so much of their diligence, it’s like the one thing in their mind while working is “I will not give something that which costs me nothing.” Talk about them maximising their gifts to serve others! I wish to be like these people!

The gift we receive is the gift we give. I find it interesting that God has always been in the business of giving us something we can bless others with. I write point #3 half-wishing I never arrived to that summary of the verse because I am reminded of the many times I may have failed to use my gifts “well” and use them to “serve others.” This conviction led me to pray this prayer: “Lord, may you remind me everyday to always ask you how you want me to use my gifts so I’d be a blessing to others.”


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