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The Day that Was: My 2nd Valentine’s Day in Manila

First off, three truths about me: (1) I live over a thousand miles away from home; (2) I have quite a number of well-meaning family and friends from back home and here; and (3) I am of age and unattached.ย This week revealed that these three combined produces a concoction that attracts a week’s worth of interrogation as to how I’m gonna spend February 14 and who I’m going to spend it with. So, for those who have been asking (and those who are about to ask how I spent it), here are today’s highlights.

Top photo (L-R): Jeff, Jake, Poll, Reuel, Ate Babes, Me, Fiona
Top photo (L-R): Jeff, Jake, Poll, Reuel, Ate Babes, Me, Fiona

Office lunch out: Today is also Ate Babes‘ birthday so lunch had to be extra special. We had gelato for dessert (which was oh so yummy!) courtesy of our boss. Thank you for the valentine treat, Jeff!

Thanks for these, Serendra!

Free flowers: These are lovely (that’s me being appreciative, right there) but these cost me an afternoon being teased as the Valentine’s Grinch. The backstory – some ladies entered the restaurant we were having lunch at to greet and give flowers to every woman inside. I thought that was an excellent marketing strategy and so somewhere between the end of lunch and the beginning of dessert, I blurted out: “Wow, Valentine’s is such a huge marketing ploy!” Add that to me almost forgetting the rose I got on our lunch table because I’m not really fond of carrying flowers around. Oh well! ๐Ÿ˜€ #nasahuliangpagsisisi #keepyourthoughtstoyourself

Ladies’ Hangout:ย It’s a blessing that Valentine’s Day fell on a Friday because it was the perfect time to throw a little “party” for the ladies after the 7PM Friday Youth Service. We pegged our audience size at 30 ladies max but tonight was yet another reminder that God can give us more than that.

This is a mix of our Victory Group leaders, potential leaders, and first-timers.
This is a mix of our Victory Group leaders, potential leaders, and first-timers.

A total of 50 ladies came (high school, college, and a few who have already graduated from college) and for a split-moment, we kinda got overwhelmed because there wasn’t enough chairs set-up and we feared that the food wouldn’t be enough. Thankfully though, the God that we are serving isn’t limited to human projections, the number of chairs, and the amount of food we had (why, He has fed thousands out of five loaves and two fish!). We had enough food for everyone and we had lots of fun, the girls didn’t bother sharing seats!

Having said that, it’s time for some thank-you’s!

MichGelTo my partners in crime, Mich and Gel, thank you so much for all the effort you’ve put in. Thank you for making yourselves available during those times when we had to talk about the event details online, thank you for answering my calls and text messages, for your brilliant activity ideas, for helping in set-up the place (Gel, the crafts and props were awesome!), and even just for your excitement and enthusiasm to pull this thing off, thank you so much! I’m excited to plan some more engage, establish, and equip activities for the girls with you, next time with a bigger team because with your faithfulness and leadership (combined with all the other Victory Group leaders), I am certain we will only get bigger and bigger through and by His grace!

EMJThank you, Eds, for doing a really great job hosting the event (together with Gel) and making sure we had house music throughout the event.

Thank you, Micah. We wouldn’t have had the food on time had you not been willing to drive to Market! Market! from EN and back again.

Thank you, Jessa for helping make sure each table had enough chocolates and candies while waiting for our “main course.”

To everyone who came, see you again next time! I can’t wait to spend more time with you guys again soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

And of course, today has been awesome because Someone had it all in mind before it ever came to be. Thank you, Jesus for the gift of officemates who are also great friends, the gift of well-meaning family and friends, and for the opportunity to be able to work with and serve and disciple the next generation! To You alone be all the glory! I don’t know how next year would be like and where I would be then, but it’d be awesome-r for sure because You’re are already there and You’re just awesome like that!


2 thoughts on “The Day that Was: My 2nd Valentine’s Day in Manila”

  1. “I donโ€™t know how next year would be like and where I would be then, but itโ€™d be awesome-r for sure because Youโ€™re already there and Youโ€™re just awesome like that!”

    This. Thank you for this.

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