Where Our Strength Ends

A friend and I have been trying to get something done for a few days now. This afternoon, I felt like we’ve already exhausted all means but still were nowhere near what we were trying to achieve. My friend, who was always the persistent one, told me there’s still hope while handing me a coco-flavoured rock salt and cheese drink. I was holding an egg tart and another sweet bread (read: happy food) and was so ready to sink in a chair as a sign of surrender. I told her I’m done with all the efforts. “If it’s His will, it’s His bill, right?” I retorted.

While I was helping myself with my “happy food and drink,” my other friend said, “Alright, everything’s taken cared of. You’re getting what you need tomorrow.”

Just like that and I’m reminded once again that our striving will never outmatch His omnipotence; that His grace is at its best when viewed from the point of total surrender, and that our experience of His matchless power is only made perfect where our strength ends.

2 Corinthians 12:9


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