Purely Personal Pieces

If You Want Me To

Today, I’m quoting from a portion of the Ignite 2013 devotional:

Some people use the word “calling.” This means, God is calling you to do something. It isn’t something you imagined on your own or your church leaders or pastors are telling you to do. It’s something you know the Holy God has put you on earth to do. 

The grace of God accompanies the calling that He has for us. I remember having heard a song a few years back. I loved the lyrics and the melody so much, I had to learn more about the artist. This is what I found:

Virginia “Ginny” Leigh Owens (born April 22, 1975) is a blind Contemporary Christian music singer/songwriter. Owens had three albums chart on Billboard albums charts in the late 1990s and 2000s.[1] She is best known for the song “If You Want me To”.

Owens was born in Jackson, Mississippi, with poor eyesight and has been blind since the age of two.[2] She earned her bachelor of music education in 1997 from Belmont University, but found that most people were skeptical about hiring a blind music teacher.[3] She entered the music business by writing songs for Michael Puryear’s Final Four Publishing, which led to a number of labels competing for her.

Whatever it is that God has impressed in your heart to do, may you always remember that where His will for you is, there His grace will be also.

With that, here’s the song I am talking about. Enjoy!


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