Today, I want to honor the woman who bravely embraced the challenge of parenthood even when she knew she had to do it alone.

To the one who modeled to me strength, perseverance, and character, Happy, happy Mothers’ Day! Thanks for everything. I love you!

Mothers' Day 2013

Here’s a video of the song I made for you a couple of years ago. I wanted to make a new one but this one still speaks best of how thankful I am that you’re my Mom.

When the world loses its color
And when I feel so blue
You go out of your way
To paint it all anew

When I’m nothing but a picture
That’s all dull and grey
You take my hand and say
That everything’s gonna be okay

Through the sorrow and the pain
Through the sunshine and the rain
Through the joys and the broken hearts
I know your love remains the same

You make God’s love feel so real
You always make me feel
That I am not alone and that
I have everything I need

You make God’s love feel so true
You are always there to see me through
And I can never be more thankful
That He has given me you