No, this has nothing to do with the pop song that only gets to be sung by singers whose vocal ranges are clearly way beyond the ordinary.

This post has something to do with what I read the other night, which I very much would like to put up here so (1) I can share it with anyone else who gets to read this post and (2) because I wrote about it, there’d be greater chances of me remembering it whenever I need to.

Ravi Zacharias writes, “Our lives are so taken up with speaking that we do very little listening. An expenditure of words without the income of truth leads to spiritual bankruptcy.”

In James 1:19, we are exhorted to “be quick to listen [and] slow to speak.”

This led to the realization that we normally say more than enough. But have we ever tried asking ourselves, on a regular basis, if we’ve actually listened enough – to people, to God?