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The God Who Sustains

Psalm 55:22

We can spend the whole day trying to enumerate everything that worries, dissatisfies, or inconveniences us. It may be the lack of provision, strained relationships, a seemingly unconquerable hurdle, or simply that daily jeepney ride that takes too long. Oddly enough, discontent has somehow become our default and complaining our initial response.

At first, I thought it was just me. I still am deciding if the realization that it isn’t just me is more comforting than disturbing. We’re all whiners. We just whine in different ways.

And that’s okay.

“Cast your cares…”

I like how this part of the verse recognizes the fact that we do have cares (See? I told you it’s okay.). You’re okay when you’re exhausting all known means to try sticking to your budget until the next payday. You’re okay when you’re barely making it through the extra mile you’re trying to take whilst sustaining the relationships that you are in. You’re okay when you’re finding it hard to give out a “Christian” response to extremely stressful situations. You’re a Christian, but you’re human too. I think we ought to be reminded every once in a while that when we accepted Christ as Lord and Savior and it is made known to us that “the old has gone and the new has come,” we are not made less human. We are and we will be as human as we’ve ever been.

What difference is there between us and the world then?

“Cast your cares on the Lord…

I am surprised that the book of Psalms is called as such when more than half of it are David’s rants. In one chapter you read about him complaining about the life that he is living, in another he grumbles about why his enemies are seemingly having the time of their lives while he is in anguish; still in another you read about how his closest friend has betrayed him.

The book of Psalms is a picture of what differentiates us from the world. We rant but we rant to the Lord. We complain but we complain to the Lord. We grumble but we grumble to the Lord. We can go on the whole day counting our cares and then at the end of the day we cast all our cares on the Lord knowing full well that He understands, that He wouldn’t take it the wrong way, and that He is loving and gracious and merciful and sovereign enough to take hold of whatever burden we have and turn it into a delight in His perfect time, according to His good, pleasing, and perfect will.

“Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you;”

We read this and we are initially grateful and comforted. And then in the next few minutes we begin to wonder why He decides to just sustain us when He can, in His majesty and glory and power, take us far, far away from that inconvenient place called “Difficulty.”

“Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you;
He will never let the righteous be shaken.

I once lived in a house where I felt unsafe all the time. I once lived through several semesters when what we had just wasn’t enough for my tuition fee, more so my allowance. I’ve been with people I’ve had a really hard time with. Through the years, He has been gracious enough to make me see how difficulties magnify His love, His mercy, His provision, His sovereignty, His sustenance.

He sustains us so we would know how He would never allow us to be shaken. He doesn’t stop at opening our eyes to His existence. He sustains us through toils and trials, dangers and snares, so we would experience Him and experience Him to the full.


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