Arts and Facts

I would have become an anthropologist. I originally wanted to take up Psychology in college but they didn’t have that in UP Mindanao. I decided to sign-up for the Social Science program since that was the closest I could get to my first choice. During my first semester, I got invited to act in a play by a friend who took up Communication Arts. That made me realize I’m a wee bit more into the arts than into the study of people and society. And so, although the fact that the Social Science program was to be changed into Anthropology was quite attractive, I decided to spend the rest of my semesters in the Communication Arts program. Just saying.

I have long been wanting to come up with this post. As some of you might have known, I got two of the best treats I’ve had in my life last month – one, the opportunity to spend time with my Dad; and two, the chance to visit one of the most scenic places there is in the entire Philippines – Palawan.

Social Studies and Philippine History introduced me to the Tabon Man and the Tabon Cave, the Manunggul burial jars, the Tagbanwa tribe, and how Palawan was one of the gateways for foreign trading in the past. Imagine my delight when we passed by a building that had the words “Palawan Museum” on its facade! So, when my Dad and my stepmom said they have some errands to do and they were about to leave us at the house for a while, I told them that I’d want to visit the museum and asked if they can drop me off and just pick me up on their way home from their errands. I was all smiles when they agreed. And, I got more than what I asked for too. They went to the museum with me! Another lesson on “asking and receiving” right there.

Anyway, here are some photos of my interesting finds.

This guy here looks like he’s got a thing against cameras.
This is a coconut crab and it’s surprisingly bigger than my hand!
The view when I got to the top of the stairs. This made me feel like I time-traveled to the stories I’ve read in history books.
I failed to find a literature for this and a curator was nowhere in sight. It would have been interesting to know how this poor piano lost nearly all its black keys. πŸ˜›
An interestingly different kind of music and lyric sheet. I was never good at reading notes but this totally caught my attention!
I would’ve loved writing using this script! I still wonder why we weren’t able to retain our own “alphabet” when other colonized countries were able to keep theirs.

And then this came:

This can be a product testimonial of some sort: Made in China but still intact after hundreds and hundreds of years!
Intricately-designed jar acquired by our ancestors during the Ming Dynasty.
Just another proof of man’s fascination to the supernatural.

And finally, these two!

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