A Different Kind of Cosplay

I know of Cosplays as events held in malls or other event venues. Three Sundays ago, I was asked to be one of the judges of one that happened in church.

Every November, children who attend our Kids Church get to experience our version of Trick or Treat where they do not have to do tricks to get a treat. This is the time of the year when the kids get to wear cute character costumes and then get goodies from the congregation after parading on-stage.

My god-daughter Fiona won Best in Costume two years ago for wearing coming as the Eggplant Fairy.

This year, we tweaked our version of Trick or Treat quite a bit more. I must say, whoever came up with the idea of having a Bible Cosplay is a genius!

Just look at these adorable kids!

Who would have thought the Fall of Man can look this cute?
Here are some of the boys and girls portraying characters from the Old and New Testament.
The toddlers portrayed animals that Noah brought inside the ark. But hey, did he bring a dinosaur too? πŸ˜›
You don’t have to make a wild guess to know who this is. A round of applause to the efforts of the ever-supportive parents of this cute kid!

Here’s a picture of me and my fellow judges. This is definitely something I would like to do again!

Chelsea, Dust, and Me

Kudos to Ptr. Joseph Olivares and all the Kids Church volunteers for putting together such fun event! Your passion and dedication in instilling Christian values to kids in the most interesting and creative manner is more than plausible. May God grow the seeds that you’ve sown in the hearts and minds of these kids, producing in them a harvest of righteousness and may He bless you with so much as you continue to be a blessing to the next generation!

Ptr. Joseph Olivares and his team posing for some snapshots after the event.

Photos taken by Jerome Palacios

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