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Faith is…

If you’ve been a Christian for quite a while now, you’d know what comes after these two words. You probably would even know where to find it.

A few days ago, however, while talking to a friend about ministry concerns, I realized that this verse can easily be interpreted as something that would serve our own interests.
“Faith is being sure of what we hope for…”
Being sure means being free from doubt. It means that we are confident, fully convinced, fully persuaded.
“…and certain of what we do not see.”

Being certain means we are convinced that what is “supposed to be” will soon be; that what is bound to come will come.

And so, we ask:

What is that hope that we can be so sure of? A financial breakthrough? The restoration of broken relationships? A clearer direction as to what career to take? A change in the heart amongst the people we are leading? A huge revival?

What is that which we do not see that we can be so certain about? The healing of a loved one? The prospering of a business venture? The increase in the number of people attending our services? A bright future?

We think about this verse and pictures come alive in our heads. Pictures of what we want to happen; pictures of how we want our career, our family, our relationship, our ministry to look like. I tried to ponder further and wondered how this verse is supposed to be different from that humanistic line that goes, “What your mind can conceive, your body can achieve.” This verse is not about believing with all your might that a certain thing would happen and then it would. If we think that this is so, then we are deceiving ourselves. The object of our faith shouldn’t be “what should be.” The object of our faith should only be HIM.

Praying with the end in mind is good but when the end in mind isn’t Jesus glorified in every single detail, then that isn’t faith.

When we put our faith IN Jesus, the only hope that we have is for Him to come through every circumstance, every hurdle, every difficulty. When we are certain that He IS there, even if we do not see Him, even if we cannot see what He is doing, we can be secure in the fact that He is doing something and that what He’s doing will always be good, pleasing, and perfect.


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