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Musings on a Sabbath: Routine Changes

Unearthed this from my computer’s Evernote. If I remember it right, my intention was to do some edits and then post this here but I got so caught up with work, I only got to do so just now.

July 28, 2012

For a change, I’m having my Sabbath on a Friday. It’s weird but for the past two weeks, I feel like God is making me realize that I have gotten so used to my weekly schedule, He had to tweak it a bit.

My work week, for the longest time now, begins on a Tuesday and that usually is my longest day for each week except for when we need to facilitate an outreach event, which would require us to meet at six or seven in the morning and wrap up at five or six in the evening if it’s not an overnight thing. All the important meetings happen on Tuesdays – the preaching meeting which lasts for an hour; the church staff meeting which runs for around three to four hours; a quick meeting with the LifeBox Staff comes after that if and when there are important matters to discuss; and then the meeting with the LifeBox Volunteer Staff to cap the day.

Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are for random admin work, victory group meetings, mentoring sessions, and one2one schedules. My whole Saturday, if we do not need to be at campus outreaches, is devoted to the music team coaching program and rehearsals. Sundays are, of course, for the worship services. On Mondays I get to have the day off.

Because of conflicting schedules and an influx of other personal, work, and ministry-related activities, the Music Team had to rehearse on Friday night so the center was unusually quiet and orderly, Saturday last week. On Sunday, we had to be on our way to Loleng’s for a leadership camp with UIC. We stayed there the whole day of Sunday and Monday so I didn’t get to attend the Sunday service. I wasn’t able to have my day off as well. I only realized that when I got a text message from Jaydee on Thursday afternoon. I actually forgot that this week is not like all the others.

God really has His way of reminding me that He is not into routines. That while He delights in giving me the desires of my heart, He is more concerned about building my faith and my character. Today, He made me realize how short-sighted I can get; that I can get so caught up with getting things done today and tomorrow and the day after that. And because of that I miss out on the fact that He is before me, with me, and has gone way ahead of me.

I am reminded once again that while it is important that I work on the tasks and responsibilities entrusted to me as excellently as I can, I am not the solution to every problem, I am not the star of the show, I am not the reason why people come and volunteer, and I am absolutely not the reason why the ministry is where it is today. I am not indispensable. Sooner or later, seasons will have to change, I might have to leave my job, my life might come to an end, but that’s fine. Because He is in control. He always has been. He will always be.


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