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Project “Proposal” Complete

Project Start
December 13, 2011

The very first brainstorming session happened in Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. We just came from the Mindanao Staff’s Christmas Party in Cagayan. I remember we were waiting for lunch to be served then. 

I can’t remember who exactly started the discussion. I just remember finding myself having to think of ideas to contribute to the conversation. Before we headed back to Davao, Kuya Peds’ already had concrete plans on what he’d do when he proposes to Ate Joyce. Jaydee’s plan, on the other hand, has already been outlined.

Project “Proposal” First Official Team Meeting
February 3, 2012 

While we have been talking about the plans in passing every once in a while, Jaydee finally called for a team meeting over dinner in February. It was only then that we were able to come up with the concept for the music video and before the night ended, the video team already had their notes for the storyboard.

Video Production (Casting, Shooting, Editing, Testing, and Rendering)
February to June 2012

Yes, it took that long. If you’re working with people who want the finished product to be excellent, it has to take that long. I do not have a copy of the video just yet but the finished product is, nonetheless, awe-inspiring!

(I’ll be posting the video here as soon as I get a copy of it!)

Project “Proposal” Day
June 29, 2012

This is how the guest list I had looks like.
All seats for the 9:15PM screening in the Red Carpet Cinema at the Gaisano Mall have already been reserved a week before. We got these tickets a day before the proposal. A few hours before the movie screening, our OC tendencies began to work so we bought rubber bands and grouped the tickets together according to lanes for easy distribution.
Jaydee and Nikki’s seat is at the second row from the cinema entrance. We had to make sure that Nikki doesn’t know the people on the first and second row and most of the people in the row in front of them. Seating 108 people was quite a job but I had fun figuring things out! 🙂
The text message we sent to the people on our guest list was 13 pages all in all. We had to be really specific. But for the sake of over-communication, I had to do a quick orientation inside the cinema and because I know that my memory isn’t really that reliable, I had to write everything I needed to say.
The generic text message I made for the guests that night (together with the picture above) would pretty much give you a glimpse of what happened that night.

You’re in for a treat! We have free tickets for the AMAZING Spiderman Premier on Friday, 9:15PM at the Gaisano Mall’s Red Carpet Cinema. We just need you to take note of the following:

1. We know you’re excited but please keep this message super-kaduper confidential. Refrain from telling your friends that you’re getting free tickets or posting it as a status message on Facebook.

2. Be early. Meeting place will be at the Gaisano Mall Foodcourt at 8:00-8:30PM. Tickets will be distributed then. No tickets will be released beyond 8:30. Look for Ems or the one who sent you this text message.

3. The movie is NOT the treat! The reason we’re asking you to keep this confidential is because Jaydee is proposing to Nikki AT THE END of the movie (Yiheeee!). The reason why we have to be early is because we all have to be inside the cinema before they arrive. Nikki doesn’t have any idea that we’ll be there so please AVOID UNNECESSARY MOVEMENTS or NOISE all throughout the movie.

4. The credits part would be cut short to make way for a music video. When the video ends, all lights would be turned which will be Jaydee’s cue to pop the question. But you cannot react just yet!

5. We will be distributing paper planes together with the movie tickets. When Nikki says “Yes”, Jaydee will shout: “Oo daw!” That will be our cue to stand up and release the paper planes (specific people will also be assigned to take charge of the party poppers).

6. Bring a camera/camera phone. We would want the event covered from all corners of the cinema. Please be ready to give us a copy of the video you’ve taken after the event.

7. We know you’re already very excited. We are too. But please, don’t forget to eat dinner before the screening time. And please, please, please KEEP THIS CONFIDENTIAL!

Message me for clarifications and help us pray for the success of this event. May His Name alone be glorified! Have a great week ahead!

To my colleague and friend Jaydee and our adopted family member Nikki, congratulations! It’s a blessing to be a witness to the unfolding of yet another story authored by Him who is love Himself. Indeed, He has made everything beautiful in His time!




10 thoughts on “Project “Proposal” Complete”

  1. Kudos to the prod team!

    But all in all grabe. An awe inspiring love story indeed. Parang “amazing” in such an understatement eh haha. Lost for words. 🙂

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