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A Visionary’sVision

We are currently having our Strategic Planning with our Student Volunteers but I’m already too excited for this season that I can’t help but write down my notes on the exhortation done by Arby, one of our Student Staff.

Just so you’d have a face to associate with the name, here’s a picture of this young visionary:

(Note to Arby: Please post better pictures of yourself. We love you! :P)

So, this guy starts off by aptly quoting this verse:

“Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint..” – Proverbs 29:18

Our vision of the future allows us to embrace restraints that would help us get to where we are supposed to get to.

“Vision leads us to action.”

This point was reworded by our Campus Director Jaydee by saying: “We begin with the end in mind.”

“Vision enables us to look beyond the present.”

While it’s fun to be in campus ministry, that doesn’t dismiss the fact that there will always be rough roads. But when we look beyond what is happening in the now and fix our eyes on our vision of the future, we will always be able to say that giving up is never an option.

And again I say:

Giving up is never an option.

I was deeply encouraged when this guy began to wrap up his exhortation with these questions:

“Are we seeing the future the way God sees it? Are we seeing people the way God sees them? Are we seeing our campuses the way god sees them?”

Our God is a God who opens the eyes of the blind. He leads those who are astray. He is a God who sets our paths straight. If we are having a hard time having a vision of the future, we can always ask Him to open our eyes. If we are not sure if our vision is in line with His, then we can always ask Him to set our paths straight to where He is.

I cannot find a picture of the team just yet but I would like to dedicate this post to the LifeBox Davao Volunteer Staff. Thank you guys for making our jobs a lot more exciting! Seeing how you work and listening to the way you speak about your vision of the future is enough reason for us to believe that the future is bright for your generation and the next!

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