Exploring Sta. Rosa

I was told to get off just right after the toll gate. That shouldn’t be hard to miss since I’m supposed to be seeing giant Coke and Sprite cans somewhere there.

The Coca-cola Plant in Sta. Rosa is considered the largest in Asia.

I, then, took a tricycle going to Walter Mart and waited for Chris there. We went to a Chinese restaurant called Ho Chai Lai for lunch.

Chris already had lunch at home so he just got Mais Con Hielo. I had Chicken and Mushroom with Rice. Lunch wasn’t that quick since we had a lot to talk about regarding Campus Ministry.

On a side note, the building where the restaurant had a really cool design for their restrooms, I couldn’t help but take some shots. πŸ™‚

This looks way better in real life!

Chris had this really funny way of giving me an idea of how the whole of Sta. Rosa looks like. This is how I remember our conversation when we were about to leave the restaurant.

Chris: Nandito tayo ngayon sa middle-class side ng Sta. Rosa. From the toll gate, yung papuntang kanan, yun yung sosyal side. Dun tayo pupunta. Yung pakaliwa, papunta yun sa masa side.

Me: Eh ikaw, san ka nakatira?

Chris: Sa middle-class side. Pero in the near future, lilipat na ako dun sa sosyal side.

πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

The view from behind the tricycle. We traveled from the “middle-class” side to the “sosyal” side of Sta. Rosa (L-R).

I later learned that Sta. Rosa is dubbed as the little Detroit because it is where one would find the biggest manufacturing plants for cars, electronic devices, beverages, and other food products.

After taking a brief tour around, we stopped at Bo’s Coffee for another round of talking about Campus Ministry in Sta. Rosa and Davao. I was refreshed and encouraged and excited all at the same time. God is indeed doing an amazing job everywhere!


And this guy needs to be honored for not only being so passionate in reaching the next generation in Sta. Rosa but also for being a great tour guide!

Chris and his work area at the Victory Sta. Rosa office.



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