The God I Serve

“And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” -Isaiah 9:6b

Wonderful Counselor

No one can fathom the depths of His understanding.
His wisdom none can surpass, His ways are unimaginably mind-boggling yet entirely fascinating.
But more than that, He gives me this assurance –
His will is always good, always pleasing, always perfect.

Mighty God
He is above any other god.
He is able to topple down kings and kingdoms.
Idols are defeated  at the mention of His Name.
He is the God who wins battles for me.
His joy sustains me when I am out of strength.
I am strong because He is.

Everlasting Father

The love I’ve always yearned for, He has given ever so generously.
He cares for me and wants only the best for me.
He tries His best to protect me and it is He who comforts me every time I take the wrong turn or make the wrong move.
He brings out the best in me.
He disciplines me because He loves me.
He provides for me.
He is my defender, my help in times of need.
And He never grows tired of giving, of forgiving, of loving.

Prince of Peace

He quiets my restless soul with His love.
He satisfies the longings of my heart.
When things are not going my way, it is He who gives me hope that assures and reassures that whatever happens, I will fall straight into His arms.
And so I can let of my fears and doubts and anxieties and worries because at the end of the day, His plans have already been laid out and that should only get me to be excited for what is to come.

The God I serve.



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