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Not Without a Fight

“Fight the good fight of faith…”
-1 Timothy 6:12

The hero gets the girl.

This idea has grown to be so attractive, it’s the central theme of more than half, if not every, movie – regardless of the genre.

Every man wants to be the hero that gets the girl of his dreams. Every girl dreams of being fought for and rescued by her hero. But here’s what often happens: we get too consumed with wanting to get to the end of the story, we fail to appreciate the beauty and the importance of what happens in between.

Men, getting the girl is not supposed to be easy. Getting things faster isn’t the way to go. If you expect or even allow yourself to get everything you want and need in a flick of a finger then you have decided to give up the title of a “hero” and are settling with being called a brat. You win the fight, you get the girl. Yes, you’ll get hurt along the way, you’ll get tired, you will have to drag yourself into the battlefield at times. But the essence of winning isn’t about getting the prize. It’s about the effort you’ve put into it that makes the difference.

Every pursuit is an act of faith.

Women, getting the girl is not supposed to be easy. Yes, it’s the same reminder. A hero who refuses to fight for you is not a hero just yet. If he’s a brat now, then chances are he’ll be a brat for most of the time that you are with him. Yes, waiting for the hero to come can be tiring, scary at times, and even emotionally unpleasant. But hang in there. You can either settle for momentary bliss (and then get hurt for the most time) or wait until your hero has fought every battle he needs to face to get to you. By then, he’d be strong enough to fight for the both of you when you’re finally together.

Waiting is an act of faith.

Make sure you don’t get into anything without a fight. We all have our battles. The good thing about it is that because we have Christ in us, we are no longer fighting to win. We are standing on the side of victory while we fight!


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