All in a Day's Work

Random Thoughts on a Random Day

Today, just like any other Monday, I got to rest.

Today, I got to wake up without being startled by my alarm clock, had lunch with Uncle Angelo and Ate Jeena, and then sank into one part of the couch for a couple of minutes until I found the television show a bit uninteresting. I withdrew to my room, as I always do on Mondays, and there decided to take a nap. That was to make up for all the other days where doing so is not possible. I woke up I think more than an hour later, decided to start reading another book until my Mom came to my room and asked me if our “date” is still on. I said yes.

A few minutes later, I was out of the shower, got dressed, and then we left for Abreeza. Seeing that the movie was starting in 45 minutes, we decided to just get take out food.

Underworld had a couple of superb fight scenes, the graphics and prosthetics more or less realistic but was rather dark and gory. So my Mom and I were kind of surprised, I was especially saddened, when a couple came to take the seats next to us with their two kids – a baby and probably a three-year old girl. The image of the LED screen at the ticket booth flashed in my mind. Didn’t it say there that the movie was PG 13? My Mom turned to me and whispered, “Are kids of that age allowed to watch this?” And because I knew it was inappropriate to make an audible remark, I shrugged my shoulders and hoped it communicated an “I don’t know.”

I probably will be making a separate blog for the scene inside the cinema.

Anyway, we went home after the movie. Watched TV for a bit and then resigned to our respective rooms to rest for the night. I still am trying to put myself to sleep as of this writing.

Tomorrow is another day.


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