I thought of keeping the look of this blog simple for now (although I do not know exactly until when I’d feel like keeping it). If you have been visiting my site from time to time, you would get the impression that I am fickle-minded with how I want this site to look like. But I guess that’s just the Developer theme (visit the Strengths Finder site to know more about this) in me that’s constantly pushing me to constantly remodel this little web niche.

I suddenly felt like there is so much going on with this site for the longest time. Widgets, photos, comments, and all sorts of links are all over the place. It seemed too much. It felt too much. As of this time.

You only have to visit two or three websites to see that a whole lot of things are going on for the most part in the Internet. And I perfectly understand why. Google bots are hungry for fresh content, inbound and outbound links, images, meta tags, headers, footers…the list can go on and on. Then again, I thought, if my purpose is self-expression and glorifying God in the process, site rankings wouldn’t really matter that much. This blog’s readership should increase not only because it looks good and has the right tags, and is all in all properly optimized, but because it has content that pierces and warms the hearts of men. And hopefully, they’d get something out of it, enough for them to actually want to read some more.

As of now, I’m gonna agree with Da Vinci about this:


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