Getting rid of the cobwebs

It’s been ages since I’ve written on this blog!

Date of last post: March 15, 2011. That’s three months ago and six days ago to be exact. For someone who once worked in a company that provides Social Media and Internet Marketing services, I should know that keeping a blog means having to write regularly.

Yet, I failed to do so. 😛

But I’m gonna try my best to keep this blog up and running. I may not be able to write on it every day, but knowing that whenever I Google (fancy this word has eventually become a verb) the name Emmanuelle Gomez, this site shows up on the number one spot is inspiration enough to keep my online presence.

Ego aside, this happens to be the Internet Marketer side of me talking.

The search engine spiders have done their job indexing my site and finding no new content for the longest time. And so, I figured I’m supposed to be getting rid of the cobwebs  by now!


2 thoughts on “Getting rid of the cobwebs”

  1. hi em. true true. you should be gracing the internet with more of your insights. i’ve been waiting for a post from you for the longest time. 😀 God bless your endeavors

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