Have you ever wondered why most movie remakes still make it big despite the fact that people already know how it would end?

How many times have you watched a movie you know so much about but because it’s made at a different time by another director and roles are played by a new set of actors, you watch it anyway.

We watch remakes because we want to know which version is better. We watch remakes because we want to see the difference of the one to the other. We watch remakes because we want to see if, somewhere along the way, a part of the plot changes because a new set of people are involved in its creation.

Fractions of our entire lifetime are remakes of segments from other people’s lives (living or dead, that is). Most of the time, we get into situations similar to what others have gotten into. And more often than not, we become witness to, or at least hear about, the unfolding of events in their lives.

How many times have you found yourself in familiar situations and you’ve seen how people have failed in it but because it happens in a different time and involves a different set of people, you go through it anyway?

We often stray away from life’s main road and spend some time walking through streets that have led others to a dead end. We want to go through the experience ourselves because we want to know if we can do better. We allow ourselves to go through what others have gone through because maybe, just maybe, our experience would be different because you are an entirely different entity.

It’s fun watching remakes. It enhances your ability to compare and contrast. It allows you to determine which turned out to be good and which turns out to be nothing but a futile attempt. Watching those that fall under the category of the latter can cost you money and some 2-3 hours of your precious time. You would whine for a while and then forget about it in no time.

Failing at familiar situations, just like everyone else you know did, is no fun at all. More than money and time, it may cost you relationships, the fulfillment of your dreams, and even your life. And, chances are, you’ll be wallowing in regret for the longest time, if not for the rest of your life.

Watching remakes is a form of leisure. Remaking others’ failures gives you nothing but unnecessary pressure.


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