Main text: Mark 7:25-30

The table is for the children of God — the children must be fed first.

No matter who you are, you must celebrate your uniqueness.

You cannot be offended and anointed at the same time.

The Kitchen Revelation: Because of what you know, you will be set free.

If the crumbs can cast out demons, imagine what the food on the table can do.

There’s a lot from the table of the Lord .

He will make your vision come alive again.

Whatever you need is on the table.

Stop praying useless prayers.

On the table is a drink from the blood of Jesus. When you drink of it, you will never thirst again.

We eat at the table and then go out and invite everyone else.

Let us call others to join us in the banquet – a banquet of love over hatred, a banquet of victory over defeat, a banquet that is for FREE.