One year and 3 months later…

This spot has been left barren for quite some time now. While my less techy hub has been getting relatively constant updates, this blog has become devoid of fresh content. That is why I totally had nothing against Google when the domain lost its page rank.

I started this blog when I was a rookie at web content writing. I was practically illiterate in blogging then. But there was a need to establish online presence and so I started exploring the site’s functionality until I was able to successfully publish my first post.

From blogging I gradually had to  take care of a handful of tasks – article creation and submission, scriptwriting – actually, writing just about anything I’m told to come up with. And then the tasks evolved into leading a team and then managing an entire department of 27 (and counting) totally diverse individuals.

Just this morning, a client complained about how poor the outputs of the staff assigned to him were. Worse, that’s the second negative remark we got in a month’s time. That unfortunate event led me to an idea. I’m thinking I might have to write about each and every learning I get as I continue to battle with management issues, concerns, roadblocks, and successes. It wouldn’t be that easy I know so I might as well take down notes. That is so I can make sure I’d have something to look back to when the same thing happens again in the future.


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