Discovering Love All Over Again (A Series) – Day 1

I am on a journey. I am on my way back to Love. As I course through the difficult road with my Map, the lessons that I shall be learning will not be left unwritten…

when there is love, nothing is impossible

When A Word Loses Its Meaning

How sad that a word expressing the greatest beauty and enrichment we can know has become trite through overuse.

The true meaning of love dawns on us when we find ourselves required to love someone who has hurt us or mistreated us.

The challenge is to love and keep on loving, even when it is hard.

I chose to pause and allow Him to hear the cry of my heart. I had to admit that I was no longer that person who always chooses NOT to feel pain, frustration, anger, humiliation, and disappointment. It felt like I just had a terrible accident. I allowed the doctor to treat the wounds that are visible but I chose to hide those that can be hidden just because I was too proud to admit that I am weak. But He knew I was hurting and He never stopped until He was able to make me realize that I needed His aid..or else, I would die.

I am on a journey. I am on my way back to Love. The healing has begun. His hands has touched me where I hurt the most. The pain is beginning to ebb away…but it hasn’t gone just yet. Still, I’d say there’s a lot of therapy that needs to be done.

I lost something while I was struggling in pain. I lost Love. And I know that I can only find peace when I find it again. I shall be in Love again. I will learn to love again…even when its hard, even when people areΒ unlovable. Because that is what He wants me to do. Because He is Love.

It is not going to be easy. It will not take me a day. But I am on my way there…I am treading slowly but I am on my way there.


2 thoughts on “Discovering Love All Over Again (A Series) – Day 1”

  1. Human love is. God’s love is unending, unwavering, and unfathomable.

    Stay in awe of Love. Thanks for dropping by and have a great day ahead! πŸ™‚

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