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The Art of Bluffing

A writer can make good content when he or she is given enough time to get familiar with what to write about. But when you are a writer and you happen to work for someone who thinks you have an article spinning chip inserted somewhere in your brain, then you definitely would have to master the art of bluffing.

With blogging seen as one of the most effective ways to creating links and excellent content writing considered to be one way of making your website more search engine friendly, companies who have made their products and services available via the Internet are now up and about having articles and blog posts made and site content optimized enough to make their corporate presence in the World Wide Web better felt.

So, how exactly do you write something that you know nothing about? Well yes, you research about it but in order for it to get done immediately (especially when the client is unbelievably demanding) you mostly bluff your way around.

When you bluff, remember to:

1. Sound as credible as possible. See to it that you sound so much like an expert, you know anybody who knows you won’t believe it was you who wrote the article.

2. Refer to as many sources as possible (without taking too long, of course). Get snippets of everything you need. Put them all together. An expert would have to know everything. If you want to sound like one, get familiar with bits and pieces of everything and then stuff it into the write-up you are on.

3. Write something else when you feel like you’ve lost the ability to bluff. (Now you are given an idea why i was able to come up with this.)

The key to making unbelievably believable copies is made up of a combination of patience, persistence, and ingenuity. You will be needing the first for dealing with grumpy goofs, the second for getting copies completed, and the third for getting excellent copies done.


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