mumbling all the way

For Starters

It has been an hour since I got here. The Monday jitters are already about to be gone. Perhaps the reading of several articles and news has gotten the brain cells to work now.

If this blog is my child, I would be guilty of irresponsible parenting by now. Haven’t written something in ages, that I know. The past days, I was too busy bluffing rather than blogging. When you are tasked to write something about protein powder for body-building and you don’t know exactly what it is about, you have no choice but to write (sound) like a pro. After all, they (your readers) wouldn’t know what is in your mind the moment you were writing the article.

I’m off to more writing now and thank God I no longer am writing about protein powder. The write-up I am about to do has become overly familiar to me now, I sometimes get to the point of having a hard time generating new ideas, but this sure is way simpler than writing for body-building supplements of which I practically know nothing about.

I might (most probably) change the appearance of this blog today. That might get the readers (if there are any) to think that I actually do care about this baby. πŸ˜‰


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