A breather newly discovered

The writer’s block can be quite hard to bear with – especially when you have deadlines to meet and a whole lot of articles and write-ups to do. Well, I recently have found something that could, in one way or another, get the creative juices up and running again (this would be aside from coming up with a short entry for this blog).

It’s one of the many link-building strategies but I have found it to be one effective breather. Yahoo Answers is now becoming my frequent refuge whenever I feel like I cannot write about gum disease and online search engines no longer. Questions there are so varied, you could actually choose what to write about. At least every once in a while, I can already write about what interests me. Getting your answers acknowledged being the best among all the others adds up to the fun. And you get to earn points too!

In one way or another, that is working and having fun at the same time!


2 thoughts on “A breather newly discovered”

  1. hey em! how did you land on my blog? harhar. thanks for the visit. i like your blog. i added you in my blogroll. this virtual diary is really cool. you take care! amishu.^^

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