mumbling all the way

Enduring Annoyance

“Silence is golden.”

I was watching Love Actually yesterday afternoon – that was while we were waiting for the time when we had to leave for the airport to fetch Lola. The anecdote went that simple and yet, right at this very moment, I am wishing other people would be able to get acquainted with such statement and know that others would very much appreciate it when they learned to keep their mouths shut when they need to.

I just cannot believe how some people can be overly insensitive. I know I should be minding my own business and leave others to mind theirs. But being unable to effectively get tasks done because others are abusing their right to do whatever they want to is another story.

I wonder where some people are when Values Education was taught in the classroom. Maybe they were there but were just too busy minding their own businesses.

I am an advocate for tha virtue that goes by the name “patience” and so I would daily choose to live with the fact that some people could ever be so annoying. There, however, is a point of getting all fed up and when I get there, I do pray I still would be sane enough to remember that the word “self-control” ever existed.


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