mumbling all the way

Hit it!

Familiar lines wouldn’t at all get you guessing what the person is actually driving at. Well, you know you could always ask that person if he’s hitting on you but most often than not, you would decide not to. That would be too rude a thing to do.

“You look cute especially when you smile.” So much flattery. If you are smart enough, the statement would make you smirk. Most likely, there is something behind this remark.

“I’ve noticed you instantly the first time I saw you.” I’ve heard this too many times, in the movies mostly. And usually, when the statement is directed to me, I would be wishing the person could have at least reinvented it. IT writers call it spinning. I just do not know how the technique is supposed to be called when it is done in another context.

“I would like to get to know you better.” This too sounds so typical. If someone tells you this and you would not know how to interpret beyond its literal meaning, then you probably are the most naive person on the face of the planet.

Familiarity, they say, leads to liking. I do not think that works for me though, especially when there is not much creativity involved.


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