mumbling all the way


Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. However, there are things that need to be kept to oneself. And so one writes. After all, expressing what should not be made known could always be done in the most subtle way. Thankful that one could always play with words, anybody could always get away from being judged. Then again, some people can be just so smart to read between the lines and others would be too assuming.

The famous maxim in communication states: Meanings are in people. And because people operate in a society defined by norms, the meanings that they are able to generate would be identical and would often be true.Β 

Many believe that misunderstandings arise when symbols are vaguely presented . Some would say interpretations would be greatly reliant on educational and cultural backgrounds. At certain times, however, the vagueness turns out to be a mere product of creative thinking. It is amazing how people can be overly creative when they wish to conceal the truth. If only people can be more truthful, perhaps ambiguity would not be much of a concern.


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