I needed coffee to wake me up and probably to get the brain cells working. I have been staring at the computer screen for quite a while, browsing through several articles, hoping that ideas would come so I could start stuffing them into the two blog entries that I am supposed to finish by six in the evening. Nothing came.

My officemates, who were either feeling the same way or were in the mood of being sympathetic, were kind enough to join me. What was supposed to be a brief coffee break turned into an experience that did something more than relieving us from drowsiness and sheer boredom.

I was halfway through my doze of caffeine, the others with their refreshments, when the rain poured really, really hard. For a moment or so, we felt optimistic that the rain would stop. We easily gave up on the thought.

The only option we had was to get a cab. But in order to do that, we had to cross the street amidst the downpour, which made me regret I wore flats of all days. Twenty minutes of waiting for a ride seemed forever and everybody was already worried about the work we left at the office, or so I thought. Out of sheer desperation, we tried stopping a jeepney which we were not so sure was for hire. Five minutes later, we were back in our workstations, drenched and fully awake.