Purely Personal Pieces

I have had a long day.

It’s almost over though…almost, but not quite yet.

I have just finished doing my last task. Thank God! I don’t know why but I am a bit disoriented right now. Seems like the river of creativity has just gone dry. My write-ups today are not really that excellent. I kind of feel good when I know that I have done them well. Right now, I feel like the articles I have come up with are out of sync.

I have been really stressed out the past two days which is very unlikely because they are supposed to be the days when I would take a break. There was much to do. There were a lot of responsibilities to take care of. I don’t hate responsibilities. I just am quite allergic to them when they come all at once.

The good thing there is that I always learn from difficult situations. Plus, the fulfillment you would feel when you have gone out from that particular challenge alive, although not entirely unscathed, is always indescribable. Challenges, roadblocks, problems, or whatever people would want to call them do not disprove the existence of God. They remind us of His goodness and His faithfulness. When I am at my weakest, I hold on to the fact that God’s grace is sufficient for me and that His power is made perfect in weakness.

I would be having longer days that would pose bigger challenges.

That won’t matter, though. I have a BIG God. I’ll be fine. I will always be fine.


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