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Beyond Financial Advantage:A glimpse on the non-monetary benefits of outsourcing to small businesses

The utilization of a third party to perform tasks for a specific company or outsourcing has nonetheless, seeped into transactions within the global business community. As Information Technology continues to provide innovations for entrepreneurs across the globe, many large companies have resolved to outsource important company functions (payroll processing, accounting and distribution – to name a few).

Outsourcing has been found to be of great advantage to small businesses since aside from it converts fixed costs to variable costs, it also allows businesses to veer away from large expenditures and invest more on other revenue-producing activities thus making the company more attractive to investors.

While it is a fact that outsourcing reduces company expenses (and this has been perceived and believed to be the most important of all the benefits), allowing outside firms to handle functions in behalf of the company, when done right, actually pose quite a number of long-term benefits.

Since companies who invest into the outsourcing industry are able to save on research, development, and distribution expenses, they are also able to reduce retail and service costs therefore attracting more costumers. As the company is released from the burden of conducting studies for company development or better product distribution, employees are able to focus on customer satisfaction. The increase in work efficiency would then result to higher product or service patronage.

Outsourcing also minimizes human resource problems and expenses, again allowing companies to focus more on the peripheral activities toward serving the customer better rather than entertaining human resource-related concerns. This also allows managers to focus more on the company’s economic and customer-service goals. This saves the company from dealing with non-profitable concerns.

The business sector isn’t always friendly to small companies that have limited monetary investment capacities. It is almost a prerequisite that when a company decides to conquer the world of entrepreneurship, their financial resources must be inexhaustible. When small companies decide to outsource, they are able to get access the same economies of scale, efficiency, and expertise, as the bigger the companies.

For a company that is yet starting, outsourcing providers are the ones who are very much able to trace out markets and competitions that pose threats to the business. Also, as financial conditions, technologies, and government policies change all too quickly, the outsource providers are seen to better assume and manage complexities that are yet to arise as they are also seen to generally be better at devising ways to avoid both the identifiable and the unforeseen risks.

Already established outsourcing firms boast of resources that allow them to start projects right away. This would save companies from the expensive and time-consuming necessity of hiring, training, deploying, and paying additional staff to perform the needed start-up functions.

Most companies give in to the concept of information technology enabled services or outsourcing because they have no choice. But actually, looking at it beyond the financial advantages, outsourcing could not be seen as the last recourse. It is the best choice every company would make.


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